Tuesday, April 15, 2014

What would you do if you were born without your arms? Would you feel sorry for yourself and drown in your sorrows? Would you have thoughts of suicide? Many of us would have chosen those paths if we had been born without our arms but not Tawana Williams. She's an Advocate for so many people. Her Message of Hope & Inspiration resonates in the Minds and Hearts of people around the world, as she and her husband 'Toby' travel tirelessly from Church to Church, School to School and Corporations to Organizations...Tawana Williams is "Unarmed But Dangerous" and she's Making a Difference in the lives of people everyday... Due to the drug Thalidomide she was born without arms and impaired use of her legs, she never let her determination and will to live become stagnant...Instead of complaining about what she didn't have, she decided to use her most powerful asset and that's her Mind to change the minds of others...Don't focus on your weakness, focus on your strength and your weakness will disappear! Stop living out of "I Can, start living out of I Will" and things will change...The Truth about Thalidomide Babies...www.TawanaWilliams.com
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