Friday, January 17, 2014

Thank God my hush-hush days are over; I'm Free to tell the Truth..I was recently dropped as a client on a lawsuit about Thalidomide...They said I was too old, the statue of limitations were over and I didn't have enough evidence...I'm only 50 years old...HUM, have you seen those pictures of the Thalidomide babies? At birth and naked, I looked totally devastated too...Of course many of the Thalidomide babies were worse off that me, so I know I'm Blessed; however, we need to be compensated... I'm speaking out for them too. I'm The Advocate for Change in this situation...You might say, why didn't you speak out earlier Tawana; I couldn't, it was like a gag-order-don't speak-don't tell the Truth about Tha-li-do-mide Thalidomide...Tawana Williams
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