Thursday, September 26, 2013

I'm not here to impress you, I'm just impressing upon you that if I did it, you can do it too...The company that you keep is vital to your life...Here's another one of my personal friends & Mentors 'Mrs. Mamie Brown's baby boy-Les Brown...Check out what he said about me?

FOREWORD  "Unarmed But Dangerous"by Les Brown
Have you ever heard someone’s voice and they spoke to the very core of your being? I have!

Have you ever met someone and instantly you knew you were in the presence of greatness? I have!

Have you ever met someone who had so much going against them that you wondered how they were able to survive and then felt ashamed of yourself for living a defeated life? I have! That’s how I felt when I met Tawana.

Born without arms and with a tiny stature of just over 4 ft., she overcame child molestation, poverty, rape, mental and physical abuse, addiction to crack and cocaine, amongst other painful tragedies. Using her feet, she learned how to write and draw beautiful works of art, answer the phone, cook and live a normal life. She operates a business, mesmerizes audiences as a motivational speaker and can sing the roof off of a church. In addition to all those things I will venture to say that her greatest joy is being a devoted loving wife to her soul mate and God given companion, Toby. To see them together and the love they express for each other is the greatest example I have ever seen of what love truly is. Toby, a gifted speaker and a servant husband taught me and the men in one of my recent Speaker Training Summits, how to serve and treat a woman with class. We were humbled and felt blessed to learn from his example and in particular to be in their presence to witness their devotion to each other.

There is no question in my mind that Tawana will impact peoples’ lives around the world through her classic book, Unarmed But Dangerous. This warm, inspiring and incredible human spirit does so much with so little, that she challenges all of us to look within and realize how much more life has to offer if only we were willing to commit ourselves to do what is required to live a more significant life.

Tawana’s life example will inspire you to soar to new heights and to accomplish things that will literally amaze you.

Although Tawana does not carry a gun or a knife, she is truly unarmed and dangerous because she uses the weapons of her faith in God and her unfailing commitment to serve His calling on her life, as we all should do. After reading this book your life will never be the same again. Tawana the world is a better place because you showed up!

Les Brown, author Live Your Dreams, It’s Not Over Until You Win, and Up Thoughts For Downtimes.

Look at what God will do if you are in position for the Blessings...He will bless you abundantly; that's what He'll do!

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